Midnight Medical Coding

 Midnight Medical Coding is owned and managed by Lindsay Della Vella BS, COC, CMCS. Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable educational materials related to diagnostic radiology coding. 

4 Coding Hacks To Improve Productivity- A Guide For Medical Coders

Learn 4 coding hacks that will improve your coding productivity in the workforce.
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30 Minute Tutoring Session

This will be a 30 minute 1 on 1 tutoring session where I will go over any questions you have about ICD-10-CM or CPT coding through Zoom.
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Practice X-Ray Coding Test

This is a 15 question practice x-ray coding test. For each one, you will code the CPT and ICD-10-CM code on the attached answer sheet. Enclosed at the end of the booklet are the rationales/answers to each question. 
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Practice Coding Reports- Free Sample

These are 3 practice diagnostic radiology reports for you to code the ICD-10-CM and CPT code. Answers are included. 
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Practice X-Ray Reports To Code

This product contains 27 x-ray reports for you to code the CPT. Answers are included. Everything is in a pdf format.
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Diagnostic Radiology Coding Videos

These are a few of the videos that can also be found on our youtube channel at www.youtube.com/midnightmedicalcoding. 
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Medical Coding Community

This is a members only area geared for people who are still taking their medical coding classes. You can ask questions about ICD-10-CM coding, CPT, guidelines etc. We can all learn from eachother. I can also go over your class materials with you, but I will not flat out give you the answers :) Good teachers will help you and show you how to come up with the answers on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

My name is Lindsay Della Vella.  I'm a medical coder /auditor but before I got into coding, I was a teacher. I graduated from Temple University with my BS of Education. That feels like a million years ago, but my love of teaching is still there, so that is why I started Midnight Medical Coding. To help others learn and reach their full potential. 

What coding certifications do you have?

I have the COC from AAPC and the CMCS through AMBA.

Is there a blog?

Yes there is a blog. It can be found on the main website at www.midnightmedicalcoding.com/blog/

Is anything else available besides digital downloads?

Yes. Book Tabs for the ICD-10-CM Book are available for purchase at www.midnightmedicalcoding.com/booktabs/

Do you mentor students?

Yes. The coding world can be tough to navigate in the beginning when you are starting out, and also when you are still in coding school. I think all students can benefit from having a consistent mentor, just to show them the ropes a little bit. That is the main reason why I started the coding community. To join our coding community, please see above--it is called the Midnight Medical Coding Stars.

What Other Coders Are Saying

"It's really easy to follow and understand. I'm looking forward to your next class."
Midnight Medical Coding Student
"I would definitely recommend this class to other medical coders."
Midnight Medical Coding Student